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Many of you by now have been sucked into ABC’s hit new show, “Scandal”  and if you’re not hooked yet then after reading this post, you will be. Kerry Washington plays the feisty, sexy and smart Olivia Pope, who’s the best in D.C and fierce in her her pumps and tight skirts but can whip a grown man into shape just by her words. She’s known for saving lives, solving crimes and fixing her clients, no matter how scandalous the situation may be. Her clients come to her at their darkest moments, after they’ve hit rock bottom, and Olivia is right there to pick up the pieces. She’s also had a steamy affair with the President of the United States, and is now fighting to keep her secret alive while also solving a murder of an intern at the White House. What makes Olivia Pope just so fabulous? Here are five reason why Ms. Pope is just that big of a deal.

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1. She won the president’s heart at first sight: He’s the President of the United States of America for God’s sake and Olivia Pope won his heart upon their first meeting. Never mind the fact that he’s a married man with children and has a reputation to uphold, Olivia Pope is just that damn good, that she snagged his heart and took no prisoners while doing it. Not to mention their steamy love scene and sexual tension displayed on every episode. Only a woman as bad as Olivia Pope could leave Mr. President smitten and speechless whenever she walks into a room.

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