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5. Why Is Quinn Still Here?

That might seem rude, but seriously: What is Quinn still doing here?

When Scandal started we saw the world of Olivia Pope and the Gladiators through her eyes and that was fine, but then season 1’s finale happened and everything changed. Apparently Quinn wasn’t actually Quinn and there was a massive scandal surrounding her.

The problem: Quinn’s story was resolved in the first episode of the 2nd season. Yes it was resolved in 1 episode. Sure there were others revealing the scandal that ruined her life, but they weren’t about her, they were about Olivia, Mellie, Verna, Cyrus and Hollis rigging the election so Fitz would win. After that Quinn’s story was done and we didn’t care anymore.

They’ve tried to make us interested in her but I have to be honest, whenever I watch this show the Quinn parts are always the ones I skip over. I just don’t care about her.

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