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4. Harrison’s Past

Ok, this is a really weird one. Remember when Cyrus was calling Harrison in “Icarus” and telling him to do whatever it took to get Olivia to stop working for Josie Marcus, the congress woman who everyone thought was going to destroy Fitz? Yeah, he threatened Harrison with releasing a prisoner who Harrison seemed to have some sort of “if this guy gets out I’m dead” history.

Harrison refused to manipulate Olivia and Cyrus called to have the prisoner released anyway. This would be fine and dandy if Congressman Marcus was still on the show, but she’s not anymore and now it seems like Cyrus had that prisoner released for no reason. We don’t know if he’s out or if he’s coming for Harrison or what. Harrison hasn’t mentioned him, no one has mentioned him!

What’s up with this prisoner? Do we need to be afraid or not?

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