The fast-food chain Wendy's is now being canceled after social media users find out that the CEO donated over $400,000 to President Donald Trump. 

Social media runs the world, and if you don’t believe that then just ask whoever’s running the social media accounts from a couple of popular fast food chains. Chic-Fil-A and Popeye’s have been feuding online for days, seemingly starting after Popeye’s announced a brand new chicken sandwhich that appears to be eerily similar to the […]

You can thank Twitter for convincing Wendy’s to bring back their spicy chicken nuggets.

Wendy’s has taken their social media beef to another level.

I cant stop laughing at this nonsense. I guess its safe to say the beef is real. Check out the Wendys diss record at Mcdonalds. source   

An Orlando Wendy's employee is without a job after writing the offensive racial slur on a receipt, which caught the eye of an African-American state trooper eating at the restaurant Tuesday night.

Ebony Steele explains how some of your favorite fast food meals are cooked that may make you reconsider the next time you order. Listen to the audio player to hear five disgusting facts about fast food that will make you cringe! Plus, hear Rock-T‘s  Joke Of The Day! Click here for more jokes and listen weekdays to “The Rickey […]