It’s another day and Black Tony can’t make it to work.

Chris Brown and the mother of his child are fighting because of some Instagram photos of their child that she posted featuring Royalty dressed inappropriately for a two-year-old. Special K explains how this passage of THOT-iness onto the child was inevitable, and cites another example of a similar passage between mother and baby.  Plus, he explains the right […]

Special K informs us all with these hilarious list of thotty tendencies that should really clue you in to about what you are. Listen to the audio player to hear funny exclusive audio from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show!” Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” weekdays from 6-10 a.m. EST! RELATED: How […]

2 Chainz is being sued for a whopping $5 million by the woman he called “THOT” on a video that went viral. It’s not looking good for her to actually win, but listen to the audio player to hear how this could  teach 2 Chainz a lesson about disrespecting women in this edition of Hip-Hop Spot! […]

According to Headkrack, Amber Rose is spearheading “A Thousand THOT Walk”. Ok, that’s not the real title, but that’s basically what it is. Rose is holding a women’s empowerment like conference called “Slut Walk.” There’s said to be HIV testing and information about sexual health. Even Nicki Minaj donated $5,000 to the cause. Listen to the […]

Wendy Williams flat out called Karrueche Tran a THOT for dating Chris Brown. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear Wendy’s rant. Is she right? Is Karrueche a THOT? Let us know what you think in our poll below! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get the latest from Gary’s Tea here and listen LIVE at 7:30 am & […]

Tyga is a complete weirdo. Why? Because no matter how many times he denies it, he’s dating THOT in training, Kylie Jenner. Listen to the Front Page in the audio player to hear how it’s pretty obvious these two are messing around! Text GOSSIP To 71007 To Get The Hottest Gossip Daily! Reply Help for […]

Bruce Jenner is finally free from his THOT wife, Kris Jenner. According to Gary With Da Tea, Kris is really no better than her daughter Kim Kardashian. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear how their THOT characteristics are very similar! Text GOSSIP To 71007 To Get The Hottest Gossip Daily! Reply Help for Help; STOP RICKEY to […]

The plaintiff in this case is Nisha, being represented by Claudia Jordan. On the defense team we have Twan, represented by Headkrack. Listen to this edition of Paternity Test Tuesday to hear if Nisha is a THOT who doesn’t really know who the father of her child is, or Twan is a SNOT. Listen to the […]

This is Paternity Test Tuesday you definitely want to listen to. A 19-year-old woman, who sounds about 40, got into a fight, ripped her clothes, and had to borrow a jacket from a random guy to cover her boobs. He ends up smashing after he picked up his jacket, and well now… she has a baby. […]