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The year 1957 gave us a lot of things — the first electric watch was created, Ghana gained its independence and a start (albeit slow) to establishing fair voting rights for African Americans by way of the Civil Rights Act of 1957 were all enacted among other things. However, a true blessing from the late ’50s that many people are very thankful for today is the birth of legendary comedian, actor, and all-around businessman Steve Harvey.

Now in his 60s, the Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man author is a well-accomplished public figure that can be seen everywhere from being the longtime host of Family Feud to his latest role as a TV judge on ABC. Now that he’ll soon be investing in the cryptocurrency world of NFTs, is Steve Harvey quite possibly the flyest Baby Boomer of them all? 


Harvey definitely seems to think so, calling himself “the flyest 64-year-old on the planet” — better yet, “a fabulous 64!” as he also put it — during a recent interview with Yahoo! Finance on the topic of investing in crypto, NFTs and mentorship overall. He referred to the title as “self-imposed,” but one that he clearly has no problem accepting and living up to.



If we’re being honest, Steve Harvey is definitely a man-fit for the moniker. Although his math may be a bit off — his birthday is listed as January 17, 1957, which would make him 65 years old to be exact — what he’s been able to accomplish over the past few decades as a public figure definitely says a lot for his generation.

In terms of the “fly” part, well, just look at the material: 

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So, is Steve Harvey the flyest Baby Boomer of the 60-and-over crowd? See what some people have been saying over time below, and let us know whether of not you agree:




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1. Man Steve Harvey the flyest mothafucka on the planet don’t @ me

via @ITwerk4DaLoot

2. Steve Harvey is the flyest man on television

via @BFllI

3. I say this ish all the time. @IAmSteveHarvey stay with the flyest suits! Don’t believe me? Go watch family feud a few times

via @Koomaatay

4. Steve Harvey the FLYEST when it comes to being suited!!! Unc stay clean.

via @nolimitmila

5. Steve Harvey is one of the flyest on television . This mf can wear the hell out of a suit

via @ChristianLynn__

6. Steve Harvey really the flyest uncle on the timeline right now

via @CozyMalik_

7. Steve Harvey the flyest ! The way he’s been able to transition into the now has been a pleasure to watch ! He has a stylist , but he also has the ability to carry ! Everyone does not whew

via @roxanne3000

8. Steve Harvey might say a lot of dumb shit, but the man has got to be in the top 5 flyest men on earth.

via @weekdayxtacos

9. The coolest and flyest 65year old African American in the world – Meeeehn you so fly

via @geobakJuniour

10. Steve Harvey the flyest oldhead

via @Lifeofadonis_