Soulja Boy

Looks like Soulja Boy is expecting a Soulja Baby! Soulja Boy took to Instagram and shared with us his surprise outdoor gender reveal which he actually posted on Saturday (March 19). In the video, Soulja dropped an oversized egg on the grass while the mother of his child shot out a pump of confetti, and […]

While many may mock the design and style, Soulja's followers and fan base are going gaga over the kicks, but we do have our doubts that resellers are even thinking about setting their bots to eat up merch upon release. Just sayin.'

It seems like Soulja Boy has some explaining to do. A former employee of his is now accusing him of some slimy behavior.

Soulja Boy, who always has a way of making some money, somehow found himself in the soap game at exactly the right time--which is just so very Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy will soon be able to remove himself from that list of currently jailed rappers.