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Drama, Love & Hip-Hop and all – Kirk Frost and Rasheeda‘s marriage has stood the test of time for 20 years.

Back in March, when the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta supertrailer was released in anticipation of the premiere of Season 8, one part of the preview that had people talking was a revelation on behalf of Rasheeda Frost.

Rumors are circulating that Rasheeda from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is pregnant.

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Kirk bogarts his way back into the house with Rasheeda, Stevie sweet talks Estelita once again, Erica apologizes to Mimi for her outburst, and more.

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Rasheeda gives up hope of reconciliation after Kirk Frost delivers hurtful news, Spice moves to Atlanta, Erica Mena is ready to work on her music, and more.

Rasheeda of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” continues to make money moves.

We’ve watched Rasheeda and Kirk Frost go through so much in their relationship.

Rasheeda has had enough of Kirk Frost and his infidelity, and she confirmed their separation. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta viewers have witnessed the slow breakdown of Rasheeda and Kirk’s marriage for years, and they always come back together in time to begin filming the next cycle. But last season was the final nail in […]

Rasheeda has a crazy theory, about Kylie's pregnancy and Kim Kardashian.