Rah Digga

Legendary rapper Rah Digga is best known for being a member of Busta Rhyme‘s Flipmode Squad. She came through to the studio to hang out with Ed Lover & Monie Love! She talks about what she says was her first official Rah Digga recording, in which she inserted herself into someone else’s beef to defend […]

A lot of people have strong opinions about Iggy Azalea, and now Rah Digga is speaking out on how she feels about the Australian rapper. Listen to the Front Page to hear her discuss why she’ll never be able to take her seriously. Plus, find out which Australian rapper Rah rocks with that could be Iggy’s real […]

Words by Mecca A lot of industry folks will tell you that it’s difficult to gather a fan base for female MCs. Since the Grammys eliminated the category all together a few years ago, the success of Nicki Minaj is seen more as a fluke than the norm. But the people behind those attitudes would […]

Rah Digga visited The Monique Show to talk about the origin of her name, and why she does rap.