The story is still developing on this police shooting.


A gospel singer is dead after a deadly run in with Houston police during a traffic stop. 

A police officer shot and killed 33-year-old Steven Taylor from San Leandro who was reported to be swinging a baseball bat this weekend at a Walmart. 

A community in South Los Angeles is gathered in outrage after new details continue to develop regarding the shooting of an unarmed Black father of three earlier in the month.


Footage from a body camera worn by Officer Sarah Stumler shows that Bruce Warrick was unarmed when she shot him.

The Sacramento Police Department has a lot of explaining to do. The two police officers who shot mentally ill homeless man Joseph Mann fourteen times back in July apparently attempted to run him over with their car twice before gunning him down. In the videos that have surfaced of the incident, officers John C. Tennis and Randy […]

Authorities said they released the footage of the unarmed mentally ill man's death for "the sake of the well-being of the community."

Dash cam recording contradicts the police officer's statements that Crutcher wouldn't show her his hands, in fact, they were up in the air.

Friends and neighbors held a vigil for the North Carolina deaf man fatally shot by a state trooper. So far the police have been silent about the deadly encounter.