While Eva covers the major headline reports for today's "Front Page News," Rock-T follows up with his usual sports recap which includes some exciting news involving Colin Kaepernick's potential return to the NFL.

The "Front Page News" today has a little bit of everything, from updates on the situation in Russia with Vladamir Putin and the latest COVID-19 reports to a settlement reached in the Sandy Hook shooting case and even a story on the viral shortage of avocados. 

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When Mike Tyson speaks people listen. In a recent Q&A, the boxing great reveals that he feels to blame for one of the culture’s biggest losses with the passing of 2Pac. As spotted on Page Six, the former world champion did an interview with Zab Judah. While the Brooklyn native spoke on some of his […]

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Bossie Badazz's transphobic and homophobic past came back to haunt him.

The 54-year-old former undisputed champion will return to the ring on September 12th to face former 4 division champion Roy Jones, Jr in what is billed as the "Frontline Battle.

Jamie Foxx is using this quarantine to get his body right to play the former heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic. 

As Mike Tyson continues to train it is no surprise some of his fiercest competitors are in the rumor mill as possible contenders. One of his fiercest opponents is now considering the opportunity. As spotted on TMZ the Brooklyn native is actively sparing in effort to sharpen his boxing skills back up. So much so that […]

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I think we can all agree that Black men in the public eye taking accountability for their bad behavior is a rarity. With the combination of forces like society’s unrealistic and stifling expectations of what it means to be a man, an aversion to mental health services, and ego, it just doesn’t happen all that […]