Texas customers can now experience a fully-automated and contactless McDonalds. The testing location has drawn a lot of attention after the experience was shared by a user on Tiktok. Revamping the traditional customer service interaction, this special McDonalds offers an automated food ordering system, cashless payment system and robotic delivery. The remodeled location, which […]

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discusses who was right and wrong in this viral situation between the parents and McDonald's.

The suspect stabbed the man after he tried to intervene between a security guard and the assailant over the amount of sugar inside his coffee.

Beginning this week, fans can get their hands on McDonald's latest Crispy Chicken Sandwich, along with some fresh gear that features the music of hit-making producer, Tay Keith.

Source: McDonald’s USA / McDonald’s USA McDonald’s pledged a half a million dollars to help students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic continue their HBCU education. McDonald’s announced, Thursday, their $500,000 Black & Positively Golden® Scholarship Fund — facilitated by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund — that benefits students continuing their HBCU education through the 2020-2021 […]

The tension, frustration, and anxiety over COVID-19 is leading to some rather disturbing violence over the past couple of weeks.

In an effort to show appreciation to the brave healthcare workers who’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty during this Coronavirus epidemic, business such as hotels and some restaurants have offered their services free of charge as a token of appreciation and respect (Trump hotels have yet to offer similar amenities but that’s neither here […]

Chicken for breakfast? McDonald’s certainly thinks so since it’s adding the McChicken to its morning menu options nationwide.

Fast food chains continue to be hotbeds for hotheads even without chicken sandwiches on the menu. Over the weekend, a McDonald’s employee put hands on a costumer while vacationing with his wife in New Orleans. WWLTV is reporting that the altercation took place after the customer (who wants to remain anonymous) complained about his food […]

A police officer wrongly accused McDonald’s employees of taking a bite out of his sandwich, before realizing he after he actually did it himself.