Maria More

Hear some tips to help you on your journey of overcoming self-doubt and how to stop self-sabotaging yourself through the process.

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Our health & wellness expert Maria More joins the Rickey Smiley Morning Show to explain the importance of the term 'BMI

When you decide to make a lifestyle change, one of the most important things is eating healthier.  Eating fast food and what’s convenient almost always is not the best choice but Maria More breaks down simple ways to change your eating habits. One way she shares is by meal prepping and also deleting food delivery […]

Maria More breaks down signs when you know it's time to go on to new things in life. 

April is Autism Acceptance Month and Maria More is sharing her experience of raising two sons on the spectrum.

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Maria More always does her best to look out for us on all levels, and today in "Mind Body Business" she shares some key advice on how to make sure your kids are at optimal health.

Maria More comes through with a special "Mind, Body, Business" report to give you some helpful tips on how to "redo" your 2022.