With monkeypox, COVID-19, mass shootings, and more, parents are super worried about sending their kids back to school.

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discusses how they would react if their kindergartner had alcohol on accident and when they had their first drink. 

A Texas family showed how you can still celebrate important milestone birthdays even if it falls during “The Great Quarantine of 2020.” Brittney Bush-Rudd, a resident of Mansfield, a suburb outside of Dallas, Texas, tweeted a photo of her daughter Jacey “Cece” Rudd having the time of her life during her recent fifth birthday on […]

When we were younger, anybody was able to snatch up kids and get them together...

According to Pittsburgh police, a woman parked her car on the Homestead Grays Bridge on Friday evening, left her three children inside of the vehicle, and proceeded to jump over the railing, killing herself.

More and more we are becoming virtually connected and less actually connected.

Since gaining her seat at the co-host table on The Real in 2013, Jeannie Mai has been open about her decision to not have kids, but she may have had a chance of heart.