Kamala Harris

The Front Page News discusses the health update of President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris' fight for abortion, and the Dallas airport shooter.

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at her first HBCU commencement since becoming VP of the United States.

Today we had an interesting discussion for the "What's Trending" report to share our opinions after a full year under the Biden-Harris Administration.

Having friends at the top is never a bad thing, which is why we always appreciate when United States Vice President Kamala Harris stops by for an exclusive chat with Rickey and the crew. 

In the face of Republican opposition, Kamala Harris, the nation's first Black and woman vice president, cast the historic tie-breaking vote in the U.S. Senate to confirm Rachael Rollins as the first-ever Black woman to be U.S. attorney for Massachusetts.

Symone Sanders, the chief spokesperson for Kamala Harris and a fiercely loyal member of President Joe Biden's team, will be resigning from her position at the end of the year as the vice president faces a growing number of questions about her future.

This year’s game was the 96th meeting between the two HUs; Howard and Hampton but it’s the first with the new name, “Truth and Service Classic.”

Now that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are in office, it seems like it shook many red states that are trying to make it harder for people to vote.

Harris is scheduled to stop in El Paso, Texas on Friday, a significant intersection area for migrants traveling to the United States.

On Wednesday the Biden administration announced it will purchase and donate 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to countries in need over the next year. While it is a step forward, it won't eliminate the 700 million dose shortage Africa is currently facing.