Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones introduced a harsh rule that his players must stand for the National Anthem ahead of games despite new rules the NFL is set to introduce which may be more lenient. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott backed up his owner, saying protests for the anthem are out of place and take away […]

Jerry Jones has been throwing a big fit about Roger Goodell's contract.

Today Jerry Jones along with several other NFL owners gathered at the Conrad Hotel in New York City.

Jemele Hill once again faces heat for speaking her mind on political issues. This time, the punishment for her statements is two weeks suspension. ESPN brought on the suspension after Jemele posted tweets about Jerry Jones. The Dallas Cowboys owner said that any player that “disrespected the flag” will not play. Jemele clapped back at Jones […]

Jemele Hill last month called Trump “a white supremacist” in a tweet and people believed she should be fired.