A longtime “Basketball Wife” has an eggxcellent new look. Jackie Christie's apparently chopped off her tresses and she’s debuting an Amber Rose style bald head.

 During this season of “Basketball Wives” we heard Jackie Christie talk about her daughter Ta’Kari Lee.

Jackie Christie‘s estranged daughter Ta’Kari Lee is expecting. Lee is pregnant with her fourth child and celebrating the news on social media. She posted an Instagram photo of her with a baby bump on Wednesday. https://www.instagram.com/p/BYJj17MBlgW/   Lee’s baby will Christie’s fifth grandchild. Lee and Christie have had a strained relationship for a while now. […]

Jackie Christie appears as a guest on this weeks' episode of "Tea Talk."

Jackie Christie believes her daughter Ta’Kari Lee is being manipulated by friends into penning a tell-all book about their strained relationship. “Whenever we talk, it’s always ‘Oh it’s not me doing it, it’s somebody else,” Jackie revealed. “There is another person involved. She’s a girl that was in Ta’Kari’s past. She’s an extortionist I guess. […]

The season finale of Basketball Wives left us all giving Jackie Christie major side-eye. The long-standing drama surrounding Jackie and her daughter Takari Lee came to light after one of the girls got their hands on Lee’s tell-all book. Leaving us on a a bit of a cliff hanger, VH1 released a clip from the […]

The "Basketball Wives" star told the ladies at "The Real" that she gave Ta'Kari money out of the kindness of her heart; not to start drama.

Basketball Wives LA star Jackie Christie caught the wrath of social media this week after her estranged daughter, Takari, set up a GoFundMe page last month to raise $3,000 to help pay for treatment for her 8-month-old daughter. Takari made the page because she’s suffering serious financial hardships finding the money to get her kid the […]

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