Two men are in jail for sickeningly racist Independence Day incident that went viral.

The city experienced three police-related deaths within a span of nine hours.

While many Americans are waiting for their COVID-19 stimulus payments, an Indiana man received a little more than he was expecting.

A manager from an Olive Garden in Indiana has been fired after complying with the demands of a racist customer, who requested a waiter who wasn’t of color. According to the Huffington Post, 16-year-old hostess, Amira Donahue, took to Facebook to expose the incident after she and another her Black co-worker were targeted by a white couple while […]

2018 Indiana Black Expo was a huge success filled with so many amazing moments and we have the best photos from social media right here! Click here to check out the best photos from the 2018 Indiana Black Expo!

Remember the First Amendment? Well, some people don’t want free speech to apply to NFL players, especially Rep. Milo Smith, a Republican from Indiana. He is proposing new legislation that will require the Indianapolis Colts to refund fans if a player kneels during a game. Smith said, “To me when they take a knee during […]


Chastinea Reeves, an Indiana teen who had been the subject of an Amber Alert when her mom was found dead, has been charged in relation to the murder.

A viral video capturing a White JCPenney employee performing a submission hold on an unnamed Black girl has sparked controversy.

Indiana police beat and tased innocent Black man. A jury awards him just $18.