In a society where we're always busy and begging for time, this quarantine should be a blessing.  How many times have we begged for more time in our lives to do the things we love or want to try?  Using this time can be used to do many things like relaxing, connecting with old friends, or maybe using it as me-time.

Self-isolating can be hard on anyone and with the timeline being very rocky, you have to find ways to cope with feeling alone. It's a good idea to figure out how to create a healthy wellness schedule to avoid loneliness. 

Plus-size women often complain that they can’t find the perfect pants, ones that don’t go overboard in giving extra room in the seat, thighs and waistline. More times than not, the women will opt for dresses and skirts because they’re easy. But here are 4 of the best pants for curvier women! Wide-leg trousers. A […]

How can you keep an au naturale face but still stand out? Here’s how! Black Eyeliner Rim top and bottom lash lines with a black pencil, then soften the line with a smudger tip or cotton swab. Sweep top lashes with one coat of black thickening mascara. Bronze Shadow Apply a rosy-bronze cream shadow on […]

Every girl wants longer lashes, and many of us don’t want to be bothered with perfecting the process of putting on false ones. So, Cosmo compiled a list of 7 steps and tips to getting the longest, fullest, sexiest lashes possible. Prep Before You Paint This double-sided wand has a conditioning primer on one end […]

Lipstick tends to wear off with every bite, every sip and over a few hours, or so that’s what we thought. But Allure asked makeup artist Peter Philips, the global creative director of Chanel Makeup, for a few tips on how to make your lip color last for the long run. Be bold. Go for […]

Vivid, color-saturated lips are feminine and bold at once. Here’s how to conquer the trend: Bright Pink Powder Eye Shadow Sweep it onto your lids, diffusing the color out above the creases. Black Liquid Eyeliner Trace it along your upper lash lines. Black Lengthening Mascara Apply it onto your top lashes to keep them flirty, […]

Looking sexy isn’t all about lingerie, big hair and makeup; sometimes it has to do with body language, eye contact and (believe it or not) your personality! Men (and psychologists) way in on proven ways of looking sexy – instantly. Wear red Women who dress in red are seen as sexier by men than those […]

The smokey cat-eye. Whenever we attempt this we, more often than not, end up with smudgy raccoon eyes. So Allure asked Estée Lauder’s creative makeup director Tom Pecheux what the trick is to getting precise lines and a clean shape. Turns out you can go about it one of two ways: FILL IN THE BLANK: This […]

Wondering how to prevent and treat stubborn breakouts – for good? Essence rounded up the best dermatologists and aestheticians to find out. Read their very own words below! Scrub-a-Dub “Frequent washing irritates skin,” says dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beer. He recommends cleansing twice daily with a salicylic acid cleanser like Neutrogena Acne Wash ($6.39, Banish […]