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Things weren’t looking good for 50-year-old, Shawna Donnelly, but on January 15th that all changed.

Armani Crews decided that the best gift to receive was the feeling of giving back to others.

Atlanta rapper Ralo posted an Instagram video last week showing him sitting on top of his car throwing money to homeless people. While some people criticized him for giving back in such a manner, he still managed to give out about $30,000, and nobody was hurt. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Check out the exclusive […]

Rickey Smiley talks about a successful day of giving with the Rickey Smiley Foundation, during which they were album to fill up a pantry with food and supplies to last until the end of the year! He explains why he loved working with the Salvation Army to make it happen! Click on the audio player […]

The three Shepard sisters refuse to let their situation stop them living out their dreams as becoming track stars.

Sixteen-year-old Destyni Tyree was awarded a full scholarship to Potomac State College too.

The talk show host and "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" author shares his rags to riches story for the magazine's recent issue.

Amber Rose‘s ex-assistant, Benji Carlisle, is appealing to the masses for financial help, claiming he is now homeless and in need. But how does such a well-connected person not have any options left? Watch the video above to see Gary With Da Tea explain more in this exclusive video edition of Gary’s Tea! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get the […]