If the shorter days, lack of sunlight and drastic changes in temperature drain your energy and make you feel sad, you could be experiencing a common case of seasonal depression.

Despite her youthful and effervescent appearance, Janet Jackson struggled with depression in her 30s. The Essence Festival headliner opened up about her bout with the mental illness to Essence Magazine, revealing details she’s never before shared. “These were difficult years, when I struggled with depression,” she said. “The struggle was intense. I could analyze the […]

After the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, Dr. Alduan Tartt spoke about depression.

Willow Smith's shocking but revealing admission that she once used to cut herself shed a light on mental illness and recovery among Black women in Hollywood.

An analysis of medical claims data finds that youth depression is at an all time high in the United States.

Two Georgia brothers plead guilty to brutally attacking their parents. The parents survived, forgave their sons and asked the judge for leniency.

The same tactic that Drake used to body rappers like Meek Mill has backfired on him in a major way.

Kid Cudi just entered rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts. Here are other celebrities who have struggled with mental health issues.

Although depression and suicide isn’t something we think we need to worry about in the African-American community, it is. Dr. Tartt joins “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to bring awareness to metal illness in the Black community. Listen to the audio player to hear the major red flags that point to depression, and how you […]