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Research has shown that black women are more likely to experience postpartum depression and more celebrities have come forward to be transparent about their unfortunate experience. Jordin Sparks is the latest celeb to reveal that she battled postpartum depression after giving birth to her first child,  Dana Isaiah, Jr.

“Everybody knows about what postpartum depression is — maybe not exactly what it all entails because it’s different for each woman — but there’s this thing called the fourth trimester, which happens after you have your baby,” she told Us Weekly. “It’s dealing with everything that happens with your body. Your body goes and changes, your hormones are absolutely insane.”

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Sparks pointed out that battling depression after giving birth can be a lonely experience. Since no one knows how you’re feeling,  no one is rushing to comfort you.

“Then you’re dealing with this baby and then something doesn’t go right. … We’ve got tons of people to hold the baby, but who hold us? Who hold us together? Who helps us get through all that stuff? Obviously, people in your family who knows what you’ve been through and had kids before, but sometimes it feels hard to reach out because you’re like, ‘How do I feel so lonely when this amazing thing just happened?’”

The former American Idol contestant said she began to lean on one of her friends who was also a new mother. She said contacting her and just talking about how she was feeling that day was helpful because she understood how she felt.

“I would talk to her and be like, ‘I feel like this today. Sorry, I just needed to let you know. And she’d be like, ‘No, I understand. That was me yesterday.’ I’d be like, ‘Oh, God. Thanks. OK. Good. I know I’m not the only one.’”

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Sparks isn’t the only new mom in Hollywood who has come forward about battling postpartum depression after giving birth to their first child.  Cardi B also said after giving birth she noticed changes in her mood that she didn’t expect.

“When Kulture was born, I felt like I was a kid again; everything was making me cry, and I needed a lot of love,” she told W Magazine. “I be feeling like, Do babies know who’s they mom? I feel like babies love whoever is giving them the milk, and I want to give the milk the whole time. I want her to know me. I feel better now, but sometimes I just feel so vulnerable, like I’m not ready for the world yet. It’s weird.”

Sparks’ son is now one-year-old.

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