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Social media was in a frenzy when Ice-T's wife shared that she still bathes their 6-year-old daughter Chanel in the kitchen sink.

His rapper's white wife n is sharing her bath routine for whatever reason.

Now, the peanut gallery is in another uproar after the rapper shared that his child still breastfeeds and even made a joke at his expense, but that hasn't stopped folks from giving the family more unnecessary flak.

Chanel, the daughter of Ice-T and Coco Austin will be turning six in November and Coco says she has no plans on stopping breastfeeding.

Ice-T is trending after social media sees that his daughter Chanel Nicole stole his entire face!

Gary With Da Tea is back and wants to talk about Coco, Ice-T’s wife.

Coco is heated that people are questioning the type of mother she is to her newborn daughter Chanel.

We're not sure how this is humanly possible but Coco Austin's pregnancy and post baby body is on point!

After months of speculation that Ice-T's wife Coco Austin wasn't pregnant because her bump was so small, she's finally given birth, a month early!