It's no secret: Cell phones are a big distraction. There are so many instances like driving, eating, spending time with family and more when we just need to put it down.

Rickey Smiley talks about resisting distractions while driving.

Wow! Yesterday CeeLo Green had his fans terrified when video surfaced of the rapper / singer / producer collapsing after his cell phone exploded in his face, only to come clean just a few hours later with the truth. Many social media commenters questioned the authenticity of the disturbing video, wondering if it was staged or […]

Fresh out of a bill-paying battle with Sprint, Special K explains why he’s only interested in speaking to black customer service representatives when he’s trying to get his phone turned back on. He says, while he was on his phone straightening things out with Spring this time around, they cut his phone off in the […]

A new government report was released that connected the dots a little more explicitly between cell phone usage and certain cancers. While we’ve known that this link has existed for a long time, this report states it a little more blatantly, and it’s causing people to become alarmed, understandably. So what should we do? Watch […]

Rickey Smiley gets a letter from a “pissed off father” whose daughter avoids his text messages and phone calls, even though he’s the one who paid for the very phone she’s using! Should he cut off the phone service to send a message, or is that too petty? Listen to the audio player to hear the discussion […]

Da Brat discusses the harassment celebrities experience when out and about in public. Click on the audio player to hear her explain how she experienced harassment too, on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: Da Brat Reveals How She Landed A Role On “Empire” [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] RELATED: Da Brat Explains Why Raven-Symone’s Dad Was […]

There are certain things men can’t do while they talk on the phone. Saying “bye-bye” is one of them. Listen to the audio player to hear what else isn’t acceptable. Plus, hear “The Rickey Smiley  Morning Show” and callers share more man law violations! Part I: Part II: RELATED: What This NBA Player Did To […]

A wife calls her husband’s cell phone while he’s at a bar. She asks him can she buy a mink coat and a Mercedes Benz. He says, “sure.” Listen to the audio player to hear what happens next in Rock-T‘s  Joke Of The Day! Click here for more jokes and listen weekdays to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” from […]

Ebony Steele has more deep thoughts in Ain’t Nobody Sayin’ Nuthin’, and she wonders why we should have to pay cell phone bills in the United States if we have freedom of speech. That’s not the only deep thought from Ebony Steele this week, so listen to more thoughtful comments in the audio player below! […]