Special K’s Top 5

Since R. Kelly got his long sentencing, Special K is giving you news you can't use and really putting the 30 years into perspective.

Names evolve but in the black culture, many names are staples. Special K pointed out that certain black names are becoming extinct.

Special K takes it back for Throwback Thursday when life was so different. 

These are songs you're bound to hear this summer when you see that old cool man on his motorcycle.

There's a foul on the play and Special K is calling them out! 

Listen to Special K drag you and all the other black families we know. 

Special K is coming for everybody who says they don't trust the new coronavirus vaccine...is this you?

Ladies, Special K is back giving you an insight into a day in a man's life.

Special K has an insight into the type of black people that may have voted for Trump. Listen in and see if you agree!