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You know it’s real when even Camille Cosby has had enough. Word is Bill Cosby’s wife is prepping to file for divorce.  Radar Online reports that after the disgraced comedian was convicted of sexual assault, she packed up and left their Pennsylvania home to live in their Massachusetts crib. Meanwhile, Bill Cosby is on house […]

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Has Camille Cosby finally had enough? Bill Cosby and his wife of more than 50 years have reportedly reached a breaking point in their marriage following the recent death of their daughter, Ensa, due to kidney failure. According to RadarOnline, Camille has been wanting a divorce for a while, but remained in the marriage because […]

The comedian's wife also claimed she rarely reads the media coverage about her husband and is unaware of what he admitted to under oath in his 2005 deposition.

An estimated 50 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault. Some of his longtime fans and supporters, however, have never bought into the allegations.

Throughout the allegations against her husband, Camille Cosby has largely kept her lips sealed.