Blac Youngsta talks about relating to Boosie's music at a really young age.

Boosie Throws “Out Of School Bash” And Gifts Honor Roll Students $30 Each Boosie showed his appreciation for education by hosting an “Out Of School Bash” and rewarding students that excelled academically this year by paying $30 each for report cards indicating they made Straight A’s.

Boosie BadAzz doesn’t like the gays. The Louisiana rapper, who spent some time in prison, recalled a time when he walked in on two men having sex and it seems like he was traumatized. “I remember when I was down in Angola [Prison] I walked in on a nigga riding a nigga dick from the […]

BadAzz doesn't have progressive views when it comes to homosexuality. He blames television's increasing presence of gay characters for influencing kids to be gay.