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It was clear from his comments about Zaya Wade, that Boosie was perhaps too preoccupied with a child’s sexuality and genitalia. I chalked it up to general transphobia and ignorance on his part.

But I should have known that if Boosie had all of this energy for someone else’s child, God only knows what he was doing in his own home with his own children.


Sadly, during a recent Instagram Live video, Boosie gave us the answer to that question.

In a weed-induced confession, the Louisiana rapper shared an extremely disturbing story about a parenting decision he made for his son and nephews.

“Ain’t finna give my son no muhf*ckin sh*t out here. I’m training them boys right. I’m training them boys right. Ask any of my nephews, ask any of em. Ask my son. When they were 12/13, they got head. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Hell yeah I got my f*ckin son’s d*ck sucked. You f*ckin right. Yes, a grown woman. Grown. Super grown. Checked his ass out. Checked all my nephews out.  Super grown. Sh*t, she checked me out that b*tch. I know what she did to them. I’m getting them prepared, man.”

If you can stomach it, the video of this admission is below.

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In case there is any confusion, this is rape. Facilitating a sexual encounter between a child and an adult is illegal. Children cannot consent to sex acts with adults so anyone who puts them in this position is creating a coercive environment.  And any woman who performed any type of sexual act on these children is a rapist even if she was aided by the child’s parent.

From the video, Boosie seems to suggest that his rationale for allowing a woman to rape his son and nephews was because he was training them upright. The message is not explicit but I can only assume that in his mind, being raped by a woman, with the help of their father, would cause his son and nephews to be heterosexual when they’re able to make their own sexual decisions.

Sadly, Boosie is not alone in these beliefs. We’ve all heard the tale of countless men who regard childhood molestation as “losing their virginity” or their first sexual experience. We’re a culture that celebrates the sexual prowess of men so much that we don’t seem to care if they’re just boys when sexuality is predatorily forced upon them.

These stories are far too common. So much that grown men, like Charlamagne, and Columbus Short are just now learning to call what happened to them molestation or rape.

Lil Wayne, also from Louisiana, shared that he was raped at 11…”and loved it.

Chris Brown shared that he “lost his virginity” at 8.

R. Kelly’s brother, Carey, traces the singer’s sexual deviancy back to the alleged molestation they both experienced at the hands of their older sister when they were children.

The difference with here is that these boys, now men, were not led into these exploitative, predatory statutory rape scenarios with the aid of their parent or uncle, like Boosie is doing to the children in his life.

For years, fans of his music passively advocated for his release from prison. Now, with these comments coming to light, he might be returning from whence he came. If that means the children around him will be protected, I’m okay with that.

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