Boosie Badazz

Real Housewives Of Atlanta is set to start filming again and Boosie and T.I. may be coming to our tv screens soon with their kids. 

Boosie Badazz is no stranger to sharing his thoughts on controversial topics, and now he's calling transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas a cheater. 

Prayers for Wendy Williams, but should Nick Cannon take over in her absence? Also, Colin Kaepernick is coming to Netflix and Boosie was arrested.

The rapper's set during the concert was short-lived after a man in the DJ booth confronted another man on stage. Instead of Boosie letting the situation transpire without him, he also got involved.

Police say the shooting is unrelated to a number of violent acts committed in Dallas in the past week, including the shooting death of Boosie's artist, MO3.

This is absolutely hilarious, in a really heartbreaking way… Boosie Badazz is in utter disbelief over the recent recall of Honey Smacks cereal. Only a few days after it was announced that the beloved cereal was linked to approximately 73 salmonella outbreaks in over 30 states, the rapper took to social media to demand further proof […]

Boosie Badazz was celebrating his son’s birthday on Instagram, but disturbed his followers when he promised his kid oral sex. His son is only 14 years old. See below: Boosie later clarified that he was “just clowning” and he really wasn’t going to bring in a “bad b*tch” to give his son oral sex. […]