blacks and police brutality

Another day, another “police officer” abusing their power and assaulting a citizen. A new viral video is making its rounds through the internet and it is very difficult to watch. In the clip, a Black woman can be seen arguing with the attacker cop seemingly about something that another officer did or said to her. “You’re […]

People like John Legend, Lizzo, and Yara Shahidi show their support.

According to a video posted by CBS46 Atlanta, two Atlanta students were stopped by Atlanta Police downtown after curfew hours.

Minneapolis Police Department is under fire after a video goes viral of a black man who loses his life during an arrest. 

San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick ended his national anthem kneeling protest against racism, discrimination, police brutality and economic equality, with the athlete choosing to stand next season.

Fiery protests broke out Saturday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after police shot and killed a man during a foot chase, according to NBC News. The 23-year-old victim, who was allegedly armed with a handgun, reportedly fled a traffic stop on Milwaukee’s north side Saturday afternoon, writes the news outlet: Milwaukee’s mayor said the man was struck […]

Chicago police on Friday released body cam footage from the fatal shooting of unarmed Black teenager Paul O’Neal that shows officers firing down a street as the alleged car thief sped away and, moments later, officers handcuffing him as he lay mortally wounded behind a home on the city’s South Side, reports The Chicago Tribune. The footage shows officers firing at least 15 shots […]

The charges sound foolish, but do they sound familiar? Ramsey Orta was also arrested after filming Eric Garner's death.

As the nation grapples with ways to combat police-involved shootings of Blacks, New York City’s Republican ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani has a theory about why the problem exists in the first place. The former prosecutor essentially blamed Black fathers for failing to teach their children to respect law enforcement, according to The Washington Post: “If I were a black […]

Even police have said the protest was peaceful, so why would Walsh blame protesters? Is it because they are trying to shake up the status quo by raising questions about police excessive force in communities of color?