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Another day, another “police officer” abusing their power and assaulting a citizen.

A new viral video is making its rounds through the internet and it is very difficult to watch. In the clip, a Black woman can be seen arguing with the attacker cop seemingly about something that another officer did or said to her.

“You’re black. You’re acting like you’re white but you’re really black. What you gonna do?”

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That’s when everything goes left. Again, the video is not bloody, but we recognize that it can be very triggering. Please protect yourself from trauma.

Miami PD director Alfredo Ramirez immediately announced an investigation into the incident and demanded that the officers involved are fired. The officer who threw the punch has been identified by the Miami-Herald as Antonio Clemente Rodriguez, a Black officer of Puerto Rican heritage.

It’s unclear if the cops involved have been actually been fired or if director Ramirez is essentially asking the Mayor or whoever is in charge to fire them. Different cities have a different protocol for who has the power to fire an officer but it’s clear that someone needs to clip these cancerous cops.

There were a million ways this ho-a$$ “man” could have handled this woman. Beyond being unnecessary, against the policy, and possibly illegal, there’s no reason that a BLACK cop should be putting his hands on a Black woman like that.

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