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An Alabama pastor was wrongfully arrested for watering his neighbor's flowers.  Michael Jennings was watering his neighbor's flowers because he was watching after their home while they were away. 

The Motown legend is receiving mixed reactions to his comments saying that he resents being called African-American and would rather be called Black.


While the economy is gradually rebounding, a new poll found that some Black people are still struggling. According to the November Temperature Check Poll from Black to the Future Action Fund, 42 percent of Black adults described their financial situation as "bad." And one-third of respondents reported their financial situations have worsened. 


The parents of Cenayia Edwards are asking for protection for their daughter, after the 14-year-old went undercover to expose her classmates racist group chat.

We lose nearly a $1 million in our lifetimes because we only get paid 61 cents to the $1 a white man makes.

In this case, the man, a father was begged by his tearful son not to do it, but we’re sure you know how that turned out.

In what began about a story of one of his characters, Neeson shared that he learned that violent revenge doesn’t tend to work.


Famed writer Zora Neale Hurston is forever engrained in the canon of literature that has impacted lives across the globe.

Imagine you’re hanging out in your own backyard, talking on the phone with your brother, when the spirit takes over and you feel the need to quote a classic Jay-Z bar and getting the police called on you for it.

Anthony Ekundayo Lennon says people think he is Black because of his high cheek bones.