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The unnamed woman refused an offer from a man to purchase her wine, but the group of men then followed her out of the store then attacked the woman.

For our November issue, we spoke to seven Black women, who revealed their favorite body part while talking positively about their body and existing in it.

Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, 28, was shot dead in her own home by a Fort Worth police officer. Responding to a wellness check call, the cop shot through the Black woman’s window, mortally wounding her. According to CNN, police were investigating after receiving a call that Jefferson’s front door was open. An officer noticed someone by […]

Amber Johnson recently became the first Black woman to earn a doctorate in computer science at Purdue University.

A Black woman in North Carolina was arrested and charged over the most ridiculous event, all which took place on her private property.

Dyma Loving was arrested by Miami Dade police for reportedly being distraught after she called the cops to report a man who threatened her with a shot gun.

A video has gone viral of a young black woman being physically & verbally attacked by a white male customer at McDonalds in Florida that resulted in the woman allegedly being fired.

A new U.N. study reveals why "home" may be the most dangerous place for a black woman.

A July incident at a Bridgeton, Missouri hospital paints a harrowing portrait of injustice after a Black woman was physically struck by a hospital security guard while awaiting treatment.

A white woman in Charlotte was fired and faces criminal charges after her intoxicated racist rant was caught on video.