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I'm Thankful For...

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When was the last time you gave yourself a compliment? Like looked in the mirror and found a part of your body you audibly loved? If you’re like me, and in a constant state of body devaluation, talking kindly about yourself is an act of work.

As we approach my favorite time of year, the holidays, we are reminded to be thankful for the things we so often take for granted. Especially amid a pandemic that has rendered us, for the most part, homebound and some of us dealing with other issues like financial ruin, the death of a loved one, and mounting anxiety that doesn’t believe in taking PTO. Someone tell sis to take a break! 

Last year, when life was a bit more normal, I gave birth to my baby girl via emergency c-section and I was in awe of what my body could do. I remember waking up in unexplainable pain, the moment it began to subside, holding my baby, and eventually walking again. I carried life and made the milk to sustain that life. Whereas my breasts were primarily used for sexual pleasure and filling out blouses, they became ducts for providing my baby with nutrient-rich milk she drank for the first three months of her life. I gained a scar and some stretch marks on a stomach I complained about before, but more importantly, I gained a new appreciation for my body and its various parts.

As someone who is used to being her own worst critic, I challenged a handful of women to reflect on a body part they are thankful for. Here are their responses.


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1. Maui Bigelow

Maui Bigelow Source:Maui Bigelow

“Honestly, I don’t have a favorite body part because I love my entire body equally. As a woman who as been plus-size nearly my entire life, I was greatly effected by society’s attempt to make being fat the worse thing you can be. My self-esteem suffered at times however I was influence to love my curves because the women in my life were curvy, beautiful, successful and happy. What I will say is, I feel strong and confident when I wear something that show off my legs and thighs. No, they aren’t toned and I do have cellulite but they are so sexy.” 

2. Tia Brown

Tia Brown Source:Tia Brown
“I am NOT a curvy woman. And as a Black girl growing up in pre-gentrified Brooklyn it took a minute for me—and my A-cup and small booty—to feel sexy. Thank God for braces! By 19 I learned that my smile was one of strongest, and likely most sexy, assets. I’ve been brushing my teeth 3x a day ever since.”

3. Brande Victorian, 35 @Be_Vic

Brande Victorian, 35 @Be_Vic Source:Brande Victorian
“I’m thankful for my thighs. An important aspect of self-love is appreciating what your body can do as much as you appreciate how it looks. My thighs hold up my weight, they allow me to be a powerful lifter, they help me squat low, and they move me from place to place. I don’t take that for granted.” 

4. Victoria Uwumarogie, 32 @ghostwritervic

Victoria Uwumarogie, 32 @ghostwritervic Source:Victoria Uwumarogie
“I’m thankful for my stomach. Right now, it’s bigger than it has ever been and still has a linea nigra line running down the front of it following the birth of my son. I try to keep things in perspective when I look at it, as the ability to carry and safely deliver a child is a true blessing, and it has been all worth it. Plus, I’ve seen my stomach in many forms, with abs, as a soft pudge and in between. Whatever I will it to be down the line, when I’m ready, it shall be. In the meantime, I’m proud of it.” 

5. Shimika Clark, 35 @shimikalc

Shimika Clark, 35 @shimikalc Source:Shimika Clark

“My smile is my favorite part of me. Although I have to fight for it more these days — I am thankful for a moment a joy, even if only for a moment… My second fav body part would be my legs! Although I’m only 5 feet, it seems like they’re still so long and take up so much of my body.”

6. Charise Frazier

Charise Frazier Source:Charise Frazier

“Growing up people mainly complemented me on my smile, but I am thankful that I’ve come to really love and appreciate my eyes over the years. There’s a way they express a depth as well as my thoughts and feelings that isn’t always communicated through verbal expression.  I also love that when I look in the mirror I see both of my parents in my eyes.”

7. Keyaira Boone

Keyaira Boone Source:Keyaira Boone

“I really love the shape of my legs. I always feel at my best when I’m wearing shorts or a skirt.”