Black people

Names evolve but in the black culture, many names are staples. Special K pointed out that certain black names are becoming extinct.

There are a few sweet nooks around the good ole U.S. of A that are still affordable and might be great for first-time parents or married couples looking to expand their family trees.

In the last few months, it has been lightly reported the hanging of 6 people of color. It has also been reported these public hangings are suicide attempts but the timing, location, their skin color, and investigation reports seem to say otherwise.

Get inspired by the richest Black people in the world!

Black Democrats often feel not fully respected and appreciated by party leaders.

Every race has a set of unwritten rules that they abide by. But for some reason, Black people’s protocol is the funniest, and usually makes the least sense. These rules aren’t necessarily taught, though. Either we’re born knowing them, or you learn through trial and error. Do you live by the code? Check […]