American Airlines

Following the NFL free agent being escorted off of an American Airlines flight in Miami, his attorney issues a statement to explain.

A Texas man is suing American Airlines for allegedly kicking him off a flight so a dog could sit in first class.

Dr. Latisha "Tisha" Rowe stressed she wants an explanation and a dress code policy that is applied to everyone, regardless of race and shape.

American Airlines may have some explaining to do after a Houston area doctor alleged that she was discriminated against on a flight from Kingston, Jamaica to Miami.

An American Airlines pilot was arrested Saturday at Louisville International Airport after he was charged in the 2015 deaths of a Kentucky couple and their neighbor.

YG’s newest beef is not with a rapper but with American Airlines. Apparently, he was asked to leave a plane for being too intoxicated.

The flight crew refused to divert the plan as Brittany Oswell suffered a deadly embolism.

The NAACP issued a travel advisory warning African Americans about traveling with American Airlines. The organization has been monitoring incidents of discrimination on the airlines.

An AA spokesperson said that the incident, which happened on a flight leaving San Francisco to Dallas-Forth Worth, did not represent the company's "values."