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Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers

Source: Sean M. Haffey / Getty

An indefinite suspension couldn’t stop Draymond Green from making questionable plays.

His latest way-too-physical play came Tuesday night when his Golden State Warriors took on the Miami Heat.

Green was trying to roll to the hoop to defend Bam Adebayo, but in order to get further in the paint he needed to get past Patty Mills. In the process he wrapped his arm around Mills’ neck and pulled him with him. After getting hit in the throat, Mills fell backward to the floor, and the referees immediately blew the whistle.

“Look at this! Yikes. A dangerous play by Draymond Green,” remarked the announcers.

However, after the refs took another look at it, they decided not to upgrade it to a flagrant foul, and were more focused on if the hit came before or after Adebayo’s shot.

Still, despite the potentially harmful play, Green still argued if there was any foul at all, telling officials that it was actually Mills’ fault because he grabbed his arm and was trying to get free of his grip when he hit his neck.

The Warriors cruised on to a 113-92 win over the Heat, but it’s still proved to be a tough season for them. They currently sit in tenth place in the West, so they’re at risk of not even making the playoff tournament.

The West Coast dynasty can blame many of their woes on an aging Big 3 and team chemistry. And part of that team chemistry may have something to do with Green only playing in 46 games thus far, and they only have 11 left. His absence is thanks to his on-court mishaps, including choking Rudy Golbert, earning him a five-game suspension, and then an indefinite suspension, which ended up being 12 games.

See how social media is reacting to Green’s latest nonsensical moment below.

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