Though they probably won’t be going out for drinks anytime soon, former President George W. Bush has accepted Kanye West’s apology for branding him a racist during an NBC telethon.

Lil Wayne may have yet ANOTHER illegitimate child running around — this according to a Missouri woman who hit Weezy with paternity papers while the rapper was serving time at Rikers Island. According to,Weezy was supposed to get tested before September 10, 2010 … but since he was behind bars at the time he […]

Kanye West took to Twitter last night to vent about an interview he did with Matt Lauer for the Today Show. According to, Kanye appeared on the show to talk about how he empathizes with George Bush over his feelings when Kanye said he didn’t care about Black people.  But according to Kanye , Matt […]

In the fifth and final behind the scenes video for R. Kelly’s “When A Woman Loves” he tells how he obtained the unique sunglasses he is wearing in the clip. “I was at a party and one of my best friends came with his girl and she had these glasses on and I’m staring […]

R&B singer/producer Ne-Yo has revealed that he had spotted Justin Bieber’s talent even before the teen sensation was introduced into the music world by singer Usher. According to, Ne-Yo claims that Justin did a cover of one of his songs on YouTube, which created a buzz. “He came to a show and performed and […]

Remember Floetry? I am sure you all do since we fell in love with them several years back.  The soulful duo of Marsha Ambrosius (“the Songstress”) and Natalie Stewart (“the Floacist”)  hit the music scene combining poetry and r&b into a soul-stirring mix. The group began writing songs and performing around London in 1997 and […]

Rumor has it that Drake has thrown his hat into the ring to be the executive producer for the Aaliyah Story.

For 10 weeks, Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, ate a Twinkie, donut or nutty bar every three hours, instead of meals. His premise: That in weight loss, pure calorie counting is what matters most — not the nutritional value of the food. The premise held up: On his “convenience […]

President Barack Obama’s three-day India visit which concluded Monday boosted viewership for both English and Hindi news channels in the country.The non-stop coverage of President Obama and wife Michelle’s first state visit to India had been building up days before his arrival in Mumbai on Saturday afternoon. While in Mumbai at the Holy Name School, […]

Lil’ Wayne claims he is the best rapper alive and few question that statement. A video surfaced of all the quotes Lil’ Wayne has used/borrowed from artists like Aaliyah, Jay-z, Outkast and etc.