About Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Comedian. Television host. Movie Star. Top-rated syndicated Radio Personality. Father of 6. For over 20 years. Rickey Smiley is one of the most beloved performers in American media, earning a reputation for delivering boundless laughter on-air, on-stage, and on-screen. Every morning, millions of Americans in nearly 60 cities listen to Rickey Smiley and his 6 outrageous cast members on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” His interviews with major celebrities, social political awareness and trademark prank phone calls have made Smiley one of the most listened to radio personalities in history. Rickey Smiley’s down home southern humor, opting to use insight rather than vulgarity to get laughs, is at the core of his success. His audiences are treated to such original characters as “Mrs. Bernice Jenkins”, “Lil’ Darrl,” “Joe Willie” and “Beauford.” Smiley is known for his clean comedic style and his reputation to sell out venues across the country. To movie audiences, Smiley is best known for “All About The Benjamins” and “Friday After Next”. He’s recorded 8 best selling CDs including iTunes #1 Best Selling Comedy Album, “Rickey Smiley- Prank Calls Number 6”. On television he”s hosted BET’s “Open Casket Sharp” and “Comic View”, appeared on “Showtime At The Apollo,” “Uptown Comedy Club”, HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam”and “Snaps”. Smiley graduated from Alabama State University, became KBFB’s (Dallas) morning show personality in 2004, and soon moved his show to WHTA Atlanta. When not performing, Smiley is the ultimate devoted father, single-handedly raising 6 kids, the subject of a soon to be released parenting book. QUOTE: “Success is when preparation meets opportunity”

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Hawks say Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins was attacked by a fan after their victory over the Orlando Magic. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the attacker was a former NBA referee, Rashan S. Michel. Michel, who was arrested and charged with simple battery, said Wilkins owed him money, Atlanta police told […]

Judge Judy Sheindlin was rushed to an LA hospital yesterday after feeling “funky” on the set of her hit TV show. Sheindlin, 68, was taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was held overnight for observation. “I’m OK. What happened was I was in the middle of taping a show and began suddenly […]

The latest statistics suggests that MySpace is on its way out, as one of the longest serving social networks on the web. comScore figures show that MySpace losts 10 million users last month. As the cornerstone to the younger days of the Generation Y, the site is facing dark days after it had lost nearly […]

Bloomberg News/Matthew Staver A Southwest jet flew close enough to a private airplane to clearly observe its pilots in its cockpit Sunday. A Text Size By TERRY MAXON Staff Writer tmaxon@dallasnews.com Published 30 March 2011 09:33 AM Related items An air traffic controller and two Southwest Airlines pilots have been suspended while officials investigate an […]

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage Someone thinks Britney Spears‘ perfume reeks of wrongdoing. The resurgent Femme Fatale singer and her conservator-father Jamie Spears have been sued for $10 million by a brand-marketing company that claims the Spears camp went behind the Brand Sense Partners’ back in a “sneaky, under-handed effort” to screw them out of a cut […]

U.S. officials have discovered low levels of radiation in milk in two states, prompting an expansion of nationwide monitoring for radioactivity, reports CNN. Radioactive iodine 5,000 times lower than the limit set by the FDA was found in milk in Spokane, Wash., and San Luis Obispo County, Calif. this week. Parents don’t need to worry about […]

Damn, this has to be the fail of the decade and the damn decade just started! I am getting word that Yung LA, the dude that got the DUCK on his face, has been beat down for getting said tat. Remember, he got that thing cover up! The guys at Duct Tape Ent are rumored […]

The Sea World whale that killed one of its trainers last year will be performing in front of crowds again for the first time on Wednesday. The six-ton orca whale named Tilikum will appear during the regular “Believe” show at the park in Orlando, Florida. Animal handlers say it’s important for Tilikum to perform again […]

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