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Somewhere Akinyele and Lil Wayne are rethinking their sex habits. The self-professed “vagina diners” may give up being vagetarian after reading this next report.

An unidentified Brazilian woman is being sued by her husband for allegedly trying to kill him, reports the UK Mirror. And what was the woman’s weapon of mass destruction? Her poisonous vagina!

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According to court documents, the woman actually painted a poisonous substance on to her vagina and lured her unsuspecting husband to bed.  She then asked him to perform oral sex on her.

In an twist of fate, the smell of the poison made her husband reluctant to perform his marital duties and he insisted that they go to a local hospital to identify why her womanhood smelled so foul. This is when the poison was discovered and her plot to kill him was exposed.


He actually made out easy if you ask us. He could have ended up like the poor guys in that 2007 flick, “Teeth” where the femme fatale’s vagina sprouts fangs when she beds a man she doesn’t like.


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