At 72, Lionel Richie is staying fit with water, sleep and sweat — oh, and a side of sex!

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Indonesia is switching it up on not only its citizens but also its travelers. They recently passed a law banning sex for unmarried couples.

Megan The Stallion found herself defending her sexual reputation against social media shamers who labeled her a “hoe” because of her rumored relationship with Trey Songz.

As Janet Jackson famously declared back in 1993, “Any Time, Any Place.”

A New Jersey woman took the phrase “scorned lover” literally after she set fire to the home of a potential lover after he invited her over for a late-night sex romp.

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Sex so good, make a grown man cry!

Jada Pinkett-Smith has been quite the open book about some of her past dealings, making for compelling content on her hit talk series, Red Table Talk.

Via Madamenoire: You’re sneezing and coughing and hacking up a lung, and your partner lies in bed next to you and goes “I don’t care if you’re sick, baby, I still want you.” While the idea of being desired sexually with tissues stuffed up your nose may be thrilling, getting it on in the midst […]