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Remember Tracey Lee?  The rapper came on the scene in 1997 with the club classic “The Theme (It’s Party Time).”  He even had a cameo from Biggie on the song “Keep Your Hands High.”   But where is Tracey Lee now?

After scoring some success in the music biz, Tracey Lee went back to school and got an entertainment law degree.  He’s also getting ready to drop a new mixtape, Free Consultation Mixtape Series Vol. 1 that includes production from 9th Wonder & Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie, among others.

HOT97′s DJ Cocoa Chanelle caught up with Lee and asked him about his upcoming mixtape, working with Biggie, and his new mixtape.

Read some of the highlights below, and head over to for the full interview!

DJ Cocoa Chanelle: You are one of the few fortunate artists who had a chance to collaborate with Biggie… What was that experience like?

Tracey Lee: UNBELIEVABLE!!! During our session, BIG taught me more about the game then I had known, at that particular time. He was the first artist that I witnessed write without a pen and paper, which inspired me to eventually write lyrics in my head (without pen, paper, Blackberry, Android, iPad, etc…lol). He was just a cool dude. His skill set on the mic is unmatched to this day. He forced me to step my game up on that record. To watch his whole process of creating the verses for Keep Ya Hands High was crazy! I am truly blessed to have had an opportunity to work with one of the greatest in the history of music! Not many can say, nor will they even have the opportunity to say that. Again I am blessed.

What made you want to get into entertainment law?

Long story (laughs). The short version is my career in the music business made me want to study entertainment law. I want to be the eyes and ears for artists that are coming into the game and don’t have a clue about the music business and recording contracts, deal points, 360 deals, publishing, etc.. This is something that I didn’t have when I signed my deal, so who better to guide someone on these aspects of the business than me – someone who not only has experience as an entertainment lawyer, but who also is an established recording artist, as well.

What can people expect from your mixtape?

My mixtape, Free Consultation Mixtape Series Vol. 1 is a recap of sorts, mixed with a peek into the future – it’s a Tray Lee journey taking you from the beginning, right up to today. Did I mention that my mixtape is free?! This is the first in a series of mixtapes scheduled for release this year; leading up to the CD entitled, Esquire. Free Consultation Mixtape Series Vol. 1 has cuts from my first CD, Many Facez, along with other songs and freestyles to remind the fans of who Tracey Lee is. I also added some new music to give the fans a taste of what they can expect to hear on Esquire, as well as future Tracey Lee projects.

Visit Tracey Lee’s website for more info on his mixtape and other projects!

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