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TheUrbanDaily does not in any way condone, nor criticize, those who celebrate the infamous 4/20 Holiday. But if you are so inclined to put one (or two) in the air this year, please keep in mind the incidents below and be smart about what you do. That means: Be safe; And if you can’t be safe, at least be careful.

10) Wiz Khalifah


This generation’s official weed-representative, Wiz, got knocked for weed just as his star began to truly shine. In November 2010, during his “Waken Baken” tour at East Carolina University, Wiz was arrested for possession and trafficking of marijuana. He was then released the next morning after posting a $300K bond and resumed his tour. The charges didn’t stick and the outpour of support for the paper plane rollin rapper solidified his cannibus cred. Proudly carrying his medical marijuana card, Wiz is still living young, wild and free.

9) Rick Ross

In January 2008, Ross was arrested on gun and marijuana charges and on March 26, 2011, Ross was arrested again in Shreveport, Louisiana for possession of marijuana. According to the police records, a strong odor of marijuana was detected from his room at the Hilton in Downtown Shreveport. However, Po-Po only found a gram of weed out in the open.

8) Soulja Boy

Many people were surprised to hear that the young Superman-dance creator was in trouble with the law over drugs, but as many of his older rap contemporaries soon learned, hanging out with groupies like Kat Stacks can have that effect.

Soulja Boy was arrested Tuesday morning October 18, 2011 by Temple Police Department officers in Temple, Georgia at around 3:15 a.m. after a routine traffic stop. In addition to the drugs, cops also found firearms and close to $70,000 in cash in the vehicle among four men riding with him. According to CNN, he was charged with three felony charges: possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm in commission of a crime. He posted $10,000 bond and was released.  Initially charged with weed and cocaine possession the charges were eventually dropped.

7) DMX

DMX may have more arrests to his credit than any other rapper in the game. Following a concert in Buffalo, New York in March of 2000, DMX was arrested in Chektowaga, New York and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, speeding, failure to signal, driving without a license, failure to notify the DMV of an address change, and possession of marijuana. He failed to appear at the subsequent hearing scheduled for March 21 in Cheektowaga, which lead to a warrant for his arrest. He later turned himself in, pled guilty to a reduced charge of driving without a license, and was sentenced to 15 days in jail and fined $400.


On February 25, 2010, former Hot Boyz front-man Juvenile was arrested in Arabi, Louisiana when a neighbor called police to report smelling marijuana smoke, ha. He was cited on a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession and later released on bond, ha. For that charge, he pled guilty in August 2010 and received a suspended three-month jail sentence and six months of probation and paid a $250 fine and court costs, ha.

5) Jadakiss

In July 2004, Jadakiss was arrested in North Carolina on marijuana and gun-possession charges. Several months later, he reached a plea agreement on misdemeanor charges and was ordered to pay a $900 fine. On October 7, 2006, Jadakiss was once again arrested in his hometown of Yonkers, New York, on gun and drug-possession charges. A Yonkers Police Department spokesperson said Jadakiss was one of four men sitting in a 2006 Toyota Camry that was parked near the intersection of Nepperhan Avenue and Elm Street in Yonkers at around 5 a.m. Saturday. Officers said the vehicle’s driver was behaving oddly and said they noticed a strong odor of marijuana while approaching the car. Inside the vehicle, police found a .38 caliber revolver that had been reported stolen. According to The Associated Press, the weapon was loaded. All occupants were charged with possession of a stolen firearm; Jadakiss, was also charged with possession of marijuana (a small amount was found on his person). All were remanded to Westchester County Jail.

4) Method Man

On Thursday May 17, 2007 Method Man was arrested in New York City on marijuana charges. His Mercedes-Benz convertible was pulled over at the Battery Tunnel en route to Manhattan, and when he rolled his window down the officer noticed a strong smell of marijuana. “It was like something out of Cheech & Chong. He rolls down the window and the smoke would choke a horse,” a source later said. The arresting officer said he noticed two blunts and a plastic bag with more marijuana in plain view. Upon further inspection more marijuana was found under the driver’s seat. Meth was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, criminal possession of marijuana, operating a motor vehicle under the influence and driving an un-inspected motor vehicle.

3) Snoop Dogg

No rapper has had more run-ins with the law over weed than Snoop. A simple Google search for “Rapper Arrested Marijuana” and pages and pages of the Doggfather’s chronic-related escapades are returned.

Between May of 1998 and March of 2007 Snoop was arrested at least four times for various marijuana related charges and even served a 30-day jail sentence for one.

Dogg was arrested most recently on January 7, 2012 for possession of marijuana after border control agents discovered a small amount of sticky icky on his tour bus. The agents conducted a routine inspection of his tour bus at the U.S.– Mexico border checkpoint, east of El Paso, Texas and thought they smelled marijuana. Snoop was issued a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia, released and given a court date of Friday, January 20, 2012. Thankfully, throughout out it all, Snoop D-O-Double managed to beat any real charges and is still happily smokin’ like Cheech & Chong.

Snoop was in esteemed company for this particular bust, having been stopped at the same Sierra Blanca, Texas, checkpoint where country singer Willie Nelson was arrested for marijuana possession in 2010.

2) Lil Wayne

Weezy has never been one to hide his substance abuse issues, but his smoking habit came to a head in 2007.

The YMCMB front man was arrested in New York City following a performance at the Beacon Theatre when the New York City Police Department discovered Wayne smoking marijuana near a tour bus. After taking him into custody, police discovered a .40 caliber pistol. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana. On October 22, 2009, Wayne pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon.

On March 8, 2010, Lil Wayne was sentenced to a year in prison, which he served in Rikers Island. Wayne was released from Rikers Island prison facility on November 4, 2010 after serving eight months of his year-long sentence. He was welcomed home with open arms and continues to be ‘blunt blowin’, polo drawers showin, not giving a mutha, well, you know.



1) Kareem “Biggs” Burke

After seeming to disappear after the Roc split up, Kareem (Biggs) Burke, Jay-Z’s former business partner and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, was arrested on October 15th, 2010, along with almost 50 other people for allegedly conspiring to distribute more than 100 kilos of weed, according to the Manhattan U.S. Attorney, during a federal drug sting called “Operation Green Venom,” targeting a wholesale marijuana ring in New York and Florida. The Feds reportedly seized nearly $2 million and more than 260 pounds of chronic during the bust. The government said that a raid on Bigg’s residence in New Jersey produced the remains of a marijuana growing operation and $15,000 in cash. On March 16th of this year, Biggs pleaded guilty to marijuana distribution charges and could face up to six years in prison at his sentencing, scheduled for May 18, 2012.  Real talk, we didn’t even think Biggs smoked.


We’re not too familiar with this  rapper Tow Down, but he got caught in one of the biggest marijuana busts we’ve heard of.


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