For something that’s been around since the beginning of time, you would think it would be less taboo. Cannabis usage and its legalities is a huge topic in the world and although some may have their viewpoints, nearly 48% of Americans have said they tried it at some point. Besides, if it wasn’t so popular […]

It looks like Circle K will start supplying double of your gas needs. Circle K is starting to sell weed in various locations in Florida.


The U.S. House of Representatives may have brought us one step closer to the legalization of marijuana after passing a legislation today that would make cannabis use legal nationwide and decriminalized at the federal level.

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New York just legalized marijuana and Jeff Johnson shares some ways black people can invest in marijuana. He also talks about Joe Biden​'s Supreme Court commitment and the Derek Chauvin​ trial.

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Lovers of the leaf living in The Garden State just got the news of a lifetime. They will now be able to purchase marijuana legally. As spotted on The Gothamist New Jersey has decriminalized cannabis. Legislation has been in discussion for several years but failed to get approved to be a law not once but twice […]

As decriminalization and legalization efforts continue to grow nationwide and many states voting on measures this fall, the devil's lettuce is getting a lot of attention in the news of late.


If you're smoking while you're quarantined, you just might want to scale back a bit.  Experts are reporting that smoking marijuana, even just occasionally, can increase your chances of having complications from coronavirus. 


There are benefits that come with lighting up before you lift.

CVS is officially getting into the business of offering its customers CBD products–and that’s a pretty big deal.


Think BIG is more than just another cannabis brand.