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Oh how the mighty have fallen. Murder Mase was a Bad Boy with Diddy, back when Diddy was called Puffy. He left the rap game to be a pastor and represent God. But sadly, it seems a new kind of bad boy has emerged in Mase.

TMZ reports:

Mase has been fighting an ongoing legal battle with Aydin and Company, a jeweler in Atlanta, since the summer. According to legal docs filed in Georgia, they claim Mase owes them $35,000 dating alllllll the way back to 2005.

According to court filings, the jewelers haven’t been able to serve Mase with legal papers after trying multiple times at his Georgia home — each time being turned away by staff who say he isn’t there. They claim he’s been ducking them for months and they had a process server file an affidavit in the case … stating Mase is “evading service.”

I am pretty sure Mase, the good pastor has read commandment number eight, “Thou shall not steal.” I hope this ends up being all one big silly misunderstanding. Maybe Diddy can bring him back to Bad Boy in 2012 and Harlem World can take things over again.

For the full story visit TMZ.


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