Michael is the new face of David Yurman's first-ever Men's High Jewelry collection, "The Vault." The new collab was announced on January 30.

  When Jay-Z spit the line “Blu lookin’ like Pac in the tub” most OG Hip-Hoppers knew he was referring to that 90’s photo spread which featured Tupac covered in gold jewelry while in a bubble bath. But while we’ve never seen baby Blu rockin’ the atomic number 79 like Makaveli, other rappers seem to […]

The only time Sean Kingston has been making headlines, it has to do with jewelry.

Kim Kardashian was reportedly robbed at gunpoint during her stay in a private Parisian mansion.

Sean Kingston is in very hot water with an Los Angeles jeweler after refusing to pay the full amount of $225,000 for a watch that he feels isn’t worth that much. The Jamaican singer has filed a police report claiming that he was kidnapped during a jewelry exchange on Tuesday evening. According to TMZ: “He bought […]

Rapper/mogul Jay Z has made rap music digestable for many people who wouldn’t normally be a fan of the genre. However, those same fans are…

Yesterday, the blogosphere was set ablaze when reports surfaced claiming 2 Chainz had been robbed at gunpoint. As it later turned out, it wasn’t 2…

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz might want to rethink who he has in his crew. Apparently, 2 Chainz was robbed at gunpoint and the members of…

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Murder Mase was a Bad Boy with Diddy, back when Diddy was called Puffy. He left the rap game to be a pastor and represent God. But sadly, it seems a new kind of bad boy has emerged in Mase. TMZ reports: Mase has been fighting an ongoing legal […]

Nicole Murphy may be better known for the men in her life, but the former model has secretly been hard at work creating her own jewelry line. Called “FLP” – meaning friendship, love and peace – the items are handcrafted and fit for both men and women. The pieces, made of precious stones, metals, leather, […]