michael jordan

It sounds like Michael Jordan and Idris Elba had a little tussle when Elba wanted to play the basketball legend in a biopic. 

One of NBA legend Michael Jordan's sons got way too lit at the bar, allegedly. Jeffrey Jordan was arrested after he reportedly assaulted hospital staff who were treating him after he injured himself in Arizona.

Arguably the best basketball player in history is looking to extend his golden touch to another sport. Michael Jordan has his eyes set on high speed racing. As spotted on TMZ six-time NBA champion is now the proud owner of a NASCAR team. On Monday, September 21 he and his partner Denny Hamlin made the formal […]

One of the greatest athletes and cultural icons of all time has used the power of his global voice. #23 aka Michael Jordan is speaking out against racism and discrimination.

Still, LeBron knows the dangers that are still awaiting outside and won't dismiss the science like some orange hued people. "This is a pandemic that we have no idea, we can’t control it...We’re going to listen to people in the hierarchy that’s been following this pandemic, following the numbers, following the data.”

The legendary Michael Jordan has been giving a timeline of his career in his latest series ‘The Last Dance‘.