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It’s been one wild season for ladies of “Basketball Wives”. Every episode brought intense drama! From the very first punch to the last drink thrown, it’s been quite a journey!

Sadly, the craziness has come to an end as last night was the finale of this season of “Basketball Wives” and definitely didn’t disappoint on the drama tip! In case you missed any of it, here are the best moments from last night’s episode:

  • Evelyn and Chad had there first on-camera fight over Chad’s lunch date with a mysterious woman which ended with Chad being his goofy self and making Ev laugh it off.
  • Jennifer planned her divorce party with a hilarious cake that showed a bride carrying a groom’s chopped off head which resembled Eric perfectly! The cake also had the appearance of “blood” dripping down the sides of it with Eric’s “body” at the bottom of the cake holding a basketball. (Creepy yet clever!)
  • Shaunie got a shoe deal with “Chinese Laundry”.
  • Jennifer got her groove back with her cute blind date from last week’s episode, William, at her divorce party. The two shared an intense kiss during the party and she grinded on him on the dance floor (After having a couple drinks of course). Who knows that went down after the party was over!
  • Royce and Meeka were no where to be found on this episode 🙁

The real shocker however, was the last few seconds of the show when Jennifer met up with her ex-husband, Eric, in attempts to smooth things over. Things were calm for about five seconds before ish really hit the fan. Every other word was bleeped out as things got really intense between the two once they started talking about their past issues with each other. Eric attempted to put Jenn down many times saying that she was nothing without him before getting up to leave the restaurant. As he was walking out, Jenn threw her glass at him only for him to return the favor and throw a drink in her face! SMH, INTENSE! I’m never an advocate for the drink throwing ESPECIALLY when its a man vs. a woman!

I’m always watching “Basketball Wives” while on Twitter (tweet me during the show! @xoxoSHAR) and, cracking up at the commentary from my followers!

I’ve chosen some of the top Tweets which started an intense discussion from last’s night’s show and posted them here. Take a look:

@jessicasofancy Lmao!! RT @_JRockObama: Words cant even express how messed up eric williams is…id be pissed at my whole ancestry if i was him

@nothingbutnat Why the hell does Jen think this divorce party is such a brilliant idea?! Smh

@Ms_Janisa Jen deserved that drink poured on her…don’t dish out what u can’t take back!

@CarlGeezy Girls: CHAD FEELS THE SAME ALL GUYS DO. it shudnt matter what people think just what YOU know!

@__iDEAL Suzie wack,.late and bop #basketballwives

@TRizzleComedian: Dear #BasketballWives praising Divorce is not hott! U should feel bad u have to resort to divorce. Not party about it to the world..

@LolatheBunni would that scare a man off?? she is like killing the mess out that cake & pinata! lol #basketballwives

@French_Kisses I like it when the bball wives get along…this is fun!! rather watch this than arguing & drama

@itsJazzyFBaby Ayo!! They got the knot on the head and everything on the cake!!!!

@YPCoopCity Lmao I swear Jennifer was jus drowning. Yall aint see that??

The “Basketball Wives” cast members even joined in on the action!

@EvelynLozada My alter ego Ginger came out at the divorce party LMAO #BasketballWives

What do you think about these tweets?

Did Jenn deserve to get the drink thrown in her face since she threw one at Eric first? Was Chad wrong for going out to lunch with an old  female friend without talking to Evelyn first? Was Jenn’s divorce party out of line? Do you enjoy the “wives” getting along more so than them fighting with each other? Is Eric really all that wrong?

Let me hear it!

I can’t wait to watch the “Basketball Wives Reunion” next Monday! Watch it with me on Twitter!

Watch the full season finale here!

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