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Royce Reed is the most hated girl on the hit VH1 reality show Basketball Wives. She’s a mother, dancer and author. Since season 1 Royce has been the target for the other Basketball Wives to bash. However she has held her own and turned those negatives they speak on into positives.  Royce goes one on one with myself (@itsJazzyFBaby) about the beef between her, Jennifer and Evelyn. She also talks her new book “College Girls,” Fantashique her burlesque dance company and gearing up for the starring role in a stage play. I think I said enough so let’s go in.

(Jazzy F.) Why do you continue to sign on each season of Basketball Wives?

I keep signing on because I believe the show needs some balance. Not everyone who is in or has been in this lifestyle is all about glitz & glamour 24/7. Some of us concentrate more on longevity than right now & tend to be more adventurous & down to earth than what you see from most of the other ladies on the show.

Why did you feel Jennifer leaked her own nude photos?

I get this question a lot. I felt like her response to the photos being “leaked” was a bit fake. She said “Wowzers”, then later it was shown she was friends with 1 of the bloggers who posted the photos 1st. I don’t know 100% if she did or didn’t but it was just my opinion. Like I said to her on the phone & at the Reunion, I’m not going to call you & be phoney if I felt you did it. It’s not being fake it’s actually being real! I think Jenn is a cool person for the most part but one opinion would never cause me to never speak to someone again. My friends and I call each other out all the time.

How does it make you feel that most of the girls dislike you?

I’m used to it honestly. I’m a tomboy. I’ve never been “friends” with a lot of females. I’m closer to dudes than I am girls. I said it on twitter the other day: 99% of the people that talk ish about me are females & 99% of the people who support me & send compliments are dudes. Females are just negative in general it seems & it’s sad it always seems to be my African American sisters who do it the most. Rather than lifting each other up it’s always bringing someone down.

Why do you and Evelyn hate one another so much?

I don’t hate Evelyn. I may not like her at the present moment but it would take a lot for me to hate someone. Now she may feel differently but hate is too strong of a word to describe my feelings towards her.

Granted none of the girls are married to NBA players, do you feel they are jealous because you are connected to someone more relevant?

That’s funny. I’m connected but I signed an agreement not knowing exactly what it was & thought I screwed myself. In the end it was a blessing because my title on the show is a job I held. My son’s father may be more relevant than their exes but that’s not what defines me. Our relationship is a lot better now thank God, but he knows I was successful before him & that I’ll be successful with or without him. I think we can all agree that I’ve held my own through all of this. I didn’t wait for the storm to end, I danced in the rain!!!

As a black women do you think Basketball Wives portrays black women in a negative manner?

I’m on the show and I definitely feel that way. That’s another reason I keep signing on. Although I am not perfect & I did fight in self-defense on National TV, I feel I try as much as I can to bring some sort of intelligence. I have a college degree (Theatre Education & Humanities), graduated from FAMU an HBCU and I’m expanding my career. I wish the show portrayed more of our business side & career moves than just Shaunie’s because it seems as if she is the only 1 doing something which is FAR from the truth!

Your book “College Girls,” is it based on a true story?

It is. You get my story as well as a few others mixed in with name changes. I basically took my experience & some friends of mine & bluntly & honestly put it into a book. So what you read is not just a figment of my imagination although I have changed a few things to protect certain people but it’s REAL.

What encouraged you to write a book?

Writing is something I’ve always loved to do so I actually wrote this book once I finished college. I originally only told my story so it was 1 large book based on one character. Then when I decided to do the series  I added the other characters & decided to tell each story in a continuation series. Outside of my love for writing I never felt adequately prepared for college & I think most parents & elders leave out the dark side of leaving home. Sure it’s fun & you’re out on your own becoming an adult but there’s far more to it than that. Drugs, rapes, STD’s, etc. This series touches on all that & it’s not sugarcoated.

Whats next for Royce after BBW?

Where do I start? I’m going on an HBCU book tour, I’m touring with the play Cheaters [cast as the starring role]. I’m auditioning for several plays & sitcoms, I’m launching a Children’s Book series in the winter, as well as my Dance To Live Foundation in the fall, my dance company Fantashique is still doing well, & first & foremost I am a Mom. Everything I do I think about whether he will be proud of me. I want him to grow up not only being proud of his dad but also saying “Yep, that’s my Mom, she’s pretty cool too!”

You love to dance, so what is it about dancing that brings you joy?

Dancing to me is like a purge. Sometimes when you can’t express how  you feel in words you can through movement. My favorite style of dance is lyrical. I can laugh, cry, scream, etc. It’s a way to get my emotions out & feel relieved.

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