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Eric Carlson is a professor with Wake Forest University and is a true skeptic.

He breaks mirrors, stands under a ladder and spills salt all to prove his point.  Carlson explained how these superstitions got started.  Most of them have their origins in mythology and from Christian references.

The legends don’t explain why Friday the 13th is such an unlucky day. Some stories point to the 700-year-old massacre of the Knights Templar. Thirteen came to the Last Supper, which was followed by a Friday Crucifixion.

Paraskavedekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th, and triskaidekaphobes fear 13 itself. That’s bad news for those suffering from hellenologophobia, or fear of Greek words. And fearing any calendar date is pure triskaidekafoolishness.

Even though Superstition might be all in our head.  It’s impacted some real life situations.  Have you noticed, there’s no 13th floor in most skyscrapers and there’s no 13th row in air planes?  Interesting observation, isn’t it?

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